Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Too much yarn...

Yes, it is possible to have too much yarn.
I design knitwear and write patterns for a living. That means boxes land on my doorstep nearly every week filled with wonderful yarn. I'm always sent more than I need, which means there is always yarn left over.
This is beautiful yarn. Almost entirely natural fibers, mostly wool and wool blends, in a variety of weights and textures. This is yarn I would be happy to use, if I ever had the time to knit something just for me. But the necessity of paying my bills means there is always a next project, which means more yarn coming in.
The leftovers are piling up.
I have a BIG NEW PROJECT on the horizon - a book of crochet tank tops and camisoles. I can't tell you how excited I am about this. In the past 2 weeks, I've ordered yarn to make all the projects in the book. Do you see a looming problem?
Where am I going to put the yarn to make 25 new projects? Stacking boxes and bags in a corner is not acceptable to me. I feel it's necessary to honor my work by organizing my thoughts and supplies in a neat and logical way. (At least at the beginning. As the deadline looms, this may all go out the window.)
Here is where you come in. In order to clear space, both mentally and physically, for the BIG NEW PROJECT, I'd like to move some of my beloved stash on to new homes. Would you like to adopt some of my yarn and give it a good home? Are you willing to take a chance?
If so, here is how you can participate:
1. Send me an e-mail at
2. In the subject line, write Yarn Adoption.
3. In the body of the e-mail, include your mailing address. Also include any guidelines you want to give me in choosing your yarn. Color preferences, no laceweight, only mohair, only sock yarn, whatever.
4. Finally, tell me how many "shares" you would like to adopt.
5. I'll dive into the stash and choose some yarn for you. For every share you request, I'll pick yarn with a retail value of at least $50.
6. I'll send you a Paypal request for a $20 "adoption fee" for each share you've requested.
7. When Paypal confirms that you've paid, I'll send your share(s) via USPS Priority Mail.
8. You'll get your box, open it, and be thrilled with your new yarn. You'll wonder how I managed to pick something that was so perfect for you. You'll abandon whatever else you were working on and immediately start a new project with your new yarn, all the while congratulating yourself for rescuing it from the neglect it suffered while stored in a bag in my yarn closet.
Q: Can I see photos before I decide?
A: Nope - this is a game for those with a spirit of adventure. I'm trying to avoid taking the time to photograph and catalog the stash.
Q: What if I ask for chartreuse and you don't have chartreuse?
A: If I don't have anything that matches the specs in your e-mail, I'll e-mail you back to let you know.
Q: Is the yarn in good condition?
A: Yep - it has been stored in plastic bags in a smoke free space. But I cannot guarantee the absence of a stray dog hair or two - those little suckers get in everywhere. Baxter says "sorry".
Q: What if I don't like it when it comes?
A: Pass it on to someone who will love it. I can't offer to take it back - that would defeat the purpose.
Q: How long will I have to wait?
A: I'll pick your yarn and send you a Paypal request within a day or two of getting your Yarn Adoption e-mail. Unless the postal service messes with us, you should get your box within 5 business days of payment.
Q: I live in Timbuktu. Can I play?
A: Sorry, no. The adoption fee is too low to cover international postage. US addresses only, please.
Thanks for helping me set the stage for the BIG NEW PROJECT.

Edited May 9, 2014 to add:
All of the adoptable yarn has been claimed. Thanks!

How about a sneak peak at what I'm working on? The first rows of the first design.....


  1. Just got my lovely blue-green package! The yarn is so soft and the cotton is perfect for making things for my best friend's little boy (and my best friend) because her whole family is allergic to everything else. :)

    1. I'm so glad you're pleased with your package!

  2. What a fun idea. I received a box of beautiful blue and purple wool yarns for scarves and am very happy! Thank you for the quick delivery and the hours of creativity these yarns will provide. Dona

    1. You are very welcome. I'm glad you'll be able to use the yarn.