Saturday, February 11, 2012

12 days and counting...

That's right - Stitches West begins in 12 short days. I've been trying not to get excited, because I need to keep my head down and stay focused on the work on my desk, but it's a struggle.
I love Stitches!  I love being surrounded by the tribe.  I enjoy the opportunity to spend time with friends from around the country. I love browsing the ginormous marketplace to see what is new and exciting in the world of fiber and knitting. And I love teaching.

Click on the graphic here:
Really, please click - there is a contest with a cash prize.

There is still space available in a couple of my classes, so I thought I'd share some info. Keep in mind that other teachers have openings as well - don't assume you've missed out on the opportunity to take classes just because you didn't register in advance.

Kids Socks was a big hit when it was offered for the first time last summer at Sock Summit.
This class begins with a discussion of sock sizing, and a worksheet that will lead you through developing the essential numbers to make socks in any size at any gauge.
Once we get the numbers, we take a look at a couple of adult sock patterns and talk about how to re-size them for children.  We work through specific examples of texture, lace and cable patterns and adjust the stitch patterns to suit various sizes.  You can bring a pattern of your own you want to re-size, and we'll  work through it together.
 Obviously, this class is a good choice if there are children in your life who want socks "just like Mom's".  But if you or someone you love of any age has feet in a non-standard size, you'll find this class helpful. Please join us!

How about a little deja vu?
A couple of years ago, I did some design work for the now defunct Nashua Handknits. In addition to their great yarn, Nashua became known for their lovely seasonal design booklets, artfully compiled by Susan Mills. Though their yarns are no longer available, these designs are becoming available via Patternfish as individual pattern downloads.
One of my favorites just went up, and I was so happy to see it again. This little cardigan is made at 4 1/2 sts = 1", so you can use Aran weight yarn from your stash, if you don't have any well aged Nashua Velvet Wool on hand. This sweater is a good example of little details making all the difference. The basic cardigan is dead simple.  Knitting a couple of yarns of I-cord and sewing it to the front of the cardigan in the shape of fern fronds is the touch that makes this piece special.
If you'd like a copy of the pattern, you can order a download here.

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