Tuesday, December 6, 2011

For the love of wool

A while back I wrote about my trip to the Wool Festival in Boonville, where my friend Diane and I decided to buy a fleece. We took our bag of raw, dirty, greasy wool over to the Morro Fleece Works booth and left it with Shari for processing.
Well, look what we got back last week...
Our 7 pounds of raw wool has been magically transformed into just under 4 pounds of clean, airy pin-drafted CVM/Romeldale roving. That's over a pound and a half each, more than enough wool for a sweater. This wool is a gorgeous warm medium gray color, with the most amazingly springy, lively crimp. There are no words for how happy this makes me.
As I began to spin, I thought about what I wanted to make with this wool.  I want this to be an everyday, throw on with my jeans classic cardigan/jacket. As I reviewed the options in my head, I realized I've already designed this sweater!
So, I'm spinning the wool for my very own Crane Creek. I'm going to make a woolen 2-ply, trying to retain as much of this wool's lofty elasticity as I can.
The real fun will be seeing what Diane makes with the other half of the fleece - a tale of two sweaters, if you will.  I know she is thinking plump, twisty Aran cables.  I'll keep you posted.


  1. Even before I saw the words "crane creek" I was thinking how perfectly that would spin up into yarn for your gorgeous cardigan (which I've tried on and love, btw). That's some beautiful fiber, right there.

  2. i really like that pattern a lot, and in the yarn you are going to make? Yum!